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About Regenesys

The joint-venture Regenesys was founded by two experienced and innovative entrepreneurs Onno van der Kuip and Pauline Versteegh. It is the first result of the Economic Transition Program of the Het Kan Wel! Foundation that was founded in 2013. This foundation created an Integral Transition Program to tackle the most urgent and future-defining issues. Therefore Regenesys is fully committed to the future-proof economy and the innovative entrepreneur.

Our expertise:

New Business Development & Consultancy

Regenesys is the experienced partner for the development of business
cases for future-proof projects. If necessary, we will support you in finding
the right partners for your project. We regularly guide entrepreneurs in
the transition from startup to scale up and from research project to
With our experience, expertise, working method and integrated approach,
we are from A to Z your committed partner for your innovative company.


For projects based on a healthy business case, we can provide the grant
applications, project management and the accountability of innovation

Fiscal Grants

For tax schemes to reduce the cost of R&D and for energy and
environmental investment tax deduction you can contact us as well.


Innovation projects can never be financed by subsidies alone. In addition,
co-financing and/or own investment is always required.
Regenesys supports you in this process.

Partner of


Regenesys is proud of its partnership with the International Welcome Center North (IWCN) for several reasons. In our opinion, the northeast of the Netherlands should be recognized as an important region for international innovative business. We also want to give our international colleagues and migrants a warm welcome to our beautiful region.

The International Welcome Center North (IWCN) is a one-stop-shop for international people living in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. They offer services in three areas: government formalities (residence permits and municipal registration); information (practical information and referrals to reliable service providers); and events (a chance to start building a social and/of business network during events).

All of this happens at one location:

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98, 9711 HL Groningen, the Netherlands

You’re welcome Monday through Thursday from 09.30 to 16.30.

More information:

Update Your Business

Environment and Energy Investments

SMEs are being hit hard by high energy prices and general inflation. Owners of business premises must meet stricter government requirements from 1 January 2023. Otherwise, municipalities have the right to close down the buildings.

An investment deduction for all companies that are taxable in the Netherlands is available for many of the adjustments. To be eligible for this, the application must be made at the right time and the right investments must be made. This applies to both the Energy Investment Deduction and the Environmental Investment Deduction.
You can contact us for both:


WBSO, tax credit for R&D

The WBSO is a tax incentive scheme with which the Dutch government compensates part of the wage costs, other costs and expenses for research and development work (R&D).  In practice, this means that companies pay less payroll tax. If you are self-employed, you will receive a fixed deduction for R&D. There is also an extra allowance for starters.

Contact us to request this support for your innovation:


Accelerators of future-proof transitions, +31 65 33 66 885
Menso Altingweg 3,
9765 BE Paterswolde
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 80167829
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Accelerators of future-proof transitions
+31 65 33 66 885
Menso Altingweg 3,
9765 BE Paterswolde
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 80167829
Privacy en credits